Thursday, January 10, 2013

State Study-Connecticut

This week we learned about Connecticut through notebooking and lapbooking. We’ve been notebooking with a few basic notebooking pages to ease into a full study. We finished those up just before Christmas. Now we’re using Debra Reed’s notebooking pages to pull more facts about each state.

We started with Connecticut because that’s where our National Geographic Atlas book started. I highly recommend this for any state study because it has a lot of useful facts. I found ours on eBay, cheaper than Amazon. I also purchased another National Geographic Atlas book for my younger children. This was a great deal because it’s more user friendly for younger children. It’s important to get reference books that are age appropriate or you’ll lose your child’s interests.

The state study is 37 pages of which 3 pages can be used as a lapbook. This was great because we love both notebooking and lapbooking.  It’s also a great fit because I didn’t have to search for notebooking pages. I like how it has different templates as well because there’s so many available, but not all will work with all topics. Click Here to get this state study. 

We’re still working on this unit study because we’re covering other academic needs. I know that some just do notebooking and it’s a great way to cover multiple subjects in one, but my children need a little more.

I’ve also created a notebook page for preschoolers. This was great for my little guy because he didn’t feel left out in the fun. Click the picture below to download the Preschool State Notebooking Page.

Click on the picture or click here to get this deal. Use the code: EXTRABUCK to get $1 OFF.

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