Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keeping Up

Apparently, I’m not planning enough for my fifth grader because he finishes so fast. He’s so determined to get caught up because he completed his work early today. When we first began homeschooling he wasn’t able to read because he didn't talk much. He’s opened a lot since then and is making so much progress. After several approaches, he’s now reading at a second grade level.

Last year, we used Reading Eggs, Progressive Phonics, and lots of books from the library. Now he’s working on level 2 of Hooked on Phonics. I’m so proud of him. He’s really has come a long way since the beginning.

He can do a full notebooking page. He shows interest in his learning, determined to learn, shows pride in his work. However, he tends to over do it sometimes. He will do more than assigned.

He’s more of a visual/hands-on kind of learner. So, we tend to do a lot of his lessons on the whiteboard or hands-on learning activities. His phonics is done with tiles three times a week. Math is done through whiteboard lessons and manipulatives.

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