Tuesday, January 8, 2013

High School Breaking Point

This is our first year homeschooling High School. This is by far the hardest ever for me because my son doesn’t want to be homeschooled. He only wants to do 1-2 pages a day. He also gives me a hard time about what subject he’ll do. It always begins with an argument that I actually think a debate class would be great for him.

Well, I think he’s starting to accept the fact that he’s homeschooled. His attitude has changed. I’m not saying it completely turned around, but our heads aren’t bumping together and we argue less and less.
He did complete a full notebooking page without complaining. He also did his math without losing it. I also saw a total change in his writing. I can now read it and he’s writing more than asked.

The only thought that comes to my mind is faith because the power of prayer speaks for itself. He’s had a rough couple of years in middle school that he basically didn’t learn anything those years. I think he finally feels structure with his education and is coming back out of his shell. We’re both a happier camper.
I’ve been using notebooking with him since September. I think it settles with him because the layout is great for him. After three years of chaos in the public school system, Debra’s program is great for being structure back into an education for my struggling learner.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Jimmie’s Designing your Language Arts Curriculum and Essay Tune Up. Language Arts can be difficult for all grade levels, but Jimmie’s Notebooking Success eBook taught e how to use notebooking for our homeschooling. So, I know with using living grammar will also help me with my son.

I tried her tips today with my son and it helped because he asked me about his D.O.L. (Daily Oral Language). I think he was excited because it’s now less work on his plate. I believe its better this way because he’s learning from his mistakes. As Jimmie states, “grammar books are a great resource, but why not live the language?”

As well as writing an essay because it’s been awhile for me. With these 7 formulas and the planning sheets provided in this eBook. I’m now off to a great start to refreshing my skills and as well as helping my son. He’ll take these skills with him for the years to come.

The Language Arts eBook has a lot of resources for me to teach my children well. I think with notebooking and these new suggestions, I can see some nice changes headed our way over the years to come. I strongly suggest getting these 3 eBooks while they are on sale and start your year off to a good start. Living language really is the best way for all of us. I know for me it won’t help just my children, but me as well.

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