Friday, January 4, 2013

Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend

Yesterday was bad day for my little guys because two of my boys woke up sick. I kind brought that on by saying a few weeks ago that it has been awhile since my children were sick. I noticed that since starting homeschooling that they haven’t been as sick as they use to be. I really think that being in public schools, being around those germs isn't good. We use to be in the doctor’s office at least every other month with something.

This was a light week for us, but I didn't expect to have children getting sick on me, but what can I say, at least it wasn't all at once. However, once there’s one then you all start getting sick. I thought quickly and had Mom take a few to her house so that they wouldn't get sick. They have Chronic Asthma and winter isn't the time to get sick with that condition. Everything is a threat with Asthma.

Lysol is my best friend. I’m washing and cleaning everything to get the germs out of the house. I’m so worried that I would get it next. I’m drinking lots of orange juice, tea with honey, washing hands every thirty minutes, and whatever else I can think of.

I had to snap this picture because it was so cute.

At least he had company, as well as I did. I got my children a puppy for Christmas. She is so adorable, but all puppies do. There’s not enough chew toys in the world for her. I forgot how much attention puppies need; every time I turned around she was into something. (LOL) Then amount of outside trips for a puppy in the freezing cold. Seriously, I need potty train her for a litter box. (LOL) Who said litter boxes are only for cats? For now I’ll stick with what works.

There were times I thought I was going to lose it because my house is never quiet, even while my children are sleeping. I have a few that talk in their sleep and some snore. I caught up on some laundry, did some crocheting, chatted on the phone with my children at Mom’s, and cleaned the kitchen cabinets. Yet, at the end of the night, they were still sick. So, I’m thinking what else can I do? I did all that in one day; I’m going to lose my mind. (LOL)

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