Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dollar Store Savings

I shop at dollar stores for a lot of reasons. The most obvious is to save a few dollars, but never really saved as big as I did today. Well, today I found this educational program called, “Clifford Reading.” I saved $13.95 on this by paying only a $1.00 for it. Such an exciting day for me, seems small to some, but big for me.

The second I pulled it out the bag, my daughter was excited. She loves Clifford. Once i moved to the computer, she was there. The second the screen popped up to play, she was literately pushing me out the way to play. (LOL) This is a great educational find.

It includes:

  • ·         Phonics
  • ·         Letter/Sound Recognition
  • ·         Upper & Lower Case Letters
  • ·         Word Recognition
  • ·         Word Building
  • ·         Word-Object Association
  • ·         Spelling
  • ·         Vocabulary
  • ·         Listening
  • ·         Memory
  • ·         Creativity
  • ·         Following Directions

Wow! That’s a lot for a buck! I was skeptical at first to buy it because the last time I bought a program from there, it really didn't work as it should. At least I’m able to still use it in a different way, making PowerPoint’s. PowerPoint's aren't all that bad; it just takes a lot of time to create them.

This too, was only a buck. It included videos, pictures, and text. So, really not much work to create the PowerPoint’s. This allows me to create PowerPoint’s for multiple grade levels.

The bottom line is the dollar store isn't just for paper plates. You can find all kinds of stuff there. The best part is that it’s only a dollar spent. If it doesn't work out, at least you didn't spend a whole lot of money.

Here’s just a few others that I've save money on by shopping at dollar stores;

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