Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Taking it Easy

This is a light week for us. We’re doing reviews because we've been on break for the holidays. They are enjoying the extra time with their Christmas gifts. I’m refueling for the next couple of months.

I created a few worksheets for this week. We’re reviewing with some of our file folder games. We’re pulling out our lapbooks and reviewed those. The main reviewing is being done on the whiteboard. They all are doing well of course, but I think this schedule isn’t really for us. With two months of holidays makes learning difficult.
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Double Digit Subtraction Facts to 5 Addition Facts to 5 Subtraction Match Numbers Order Numbers Ordinals I seriously think this year we’ll change our schedule because of the holidays. I think it’s better to learn in a longer stretch. For instance, from January to November is nice because that’s about 10 ½ months. Where as from September to May or June is about 9 months with 2 holidays, 3 if you count Halloween.

 Then I thought of summer break. I think a lot of field trips would be a great fit here. I figure if we spend January to May learning the difficult stuff. Then from June through September we would do our field trips. We’ll do lapbooks throughout these months. Then for October it will be reflecting and reviewing.

Just a few Ideas in mind:
Great America
Sears Tower
• Shed Aquarium
• Several Zoo’s in the area
• Children’s Museum
• Burpee Museum
• Discovery Center
• Medieval Times

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