Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It was a great day for my second grader. He tends to be the last one to complete his work, but with the new schedules, he was the third one done. It’s not a race, but when he use to be done close to dinner time, it can be frustrating for the both of us.

He worked on Prefixed through a file folder game. He was able to work on this without my elp. That’s huge for him because he’s so depended on me to sit with him. He actually told me, “I can do it by myself.” Talk about breakthrough. I think we’re both happier.

He chose to read “Hour of the Olympics” in the Magic Tree House series. He had already read “Dinosaurs before Dark” last year. He’s now up to Chapter 3 because he had started reading it over the weekend.

Math was another accomplishment. He paid attention for the most part during the oral lesson. He completed the worksheet on his own without any problems, even without me sitting next to him. As well as getting them all right.

He moved up a level for Hooked on Phonics. He’s now on level 3 and this also seems to be fairly easy. There’s a few words that he was stuck on. However, he’s still learning a few new words.

This is the most shocking for me because we've struggled with handwriting since we began homeschooling. We've had a few approaches that have worked, but not to the point that he finished in 10 minutes. His average has been 30 minutes or longer. Either it’s too easy or he’s start to come around. This was the same for his spelling as well.

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