Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Letter of the Week “D”

My little man recently turned 5 in November. So, he’s a late 5 year old, but some things he already knows. So, I’ll start him with Pre-K and mixing Kindergarten resources in as well. I think with the combination of both will allow him to move from here to first in no time.

We started a different approach for “The Letter of the Week.” We’re doing file folders and pocket charts from Ana at Ingles 360. The other approaches are great resources, but it just wasn’t a good fit for my little man.

I learned a lot about my little man today because I had to step away from him three times to tend my other children. He has one thing that I don’t have and that’s patience. When I returned, I found him still sitting patiently waiting. I felt so bad that he had to wait, but I believe tomorrow will be better because I now know that I need to give a lesson about moving on when my children see me working with someone else. Then I thought maybe I need to create something that will work for when I’m tie up. I would have to think a little on that.

I decided to start my little man with “Hooked on Phonics.” I got a great deal and had to put it into good use. He enjoys our new toy because he bobs his head to the music during his lesson. 

Story time is all about dinosaurs for the next couple of weeks. Today we started off with “Dinosaurs Babies by Lucille Recht Penner.” This is done as a group because I think it’s important to practice to listen as a group and learn to weed out distractions.

Dinosaurs will be the theme for the next 12 weeks. We’ll be learning about the 12 most common dinosaurs. This list is provided below:

My little man finished the day off with another file folder for Math. He worked on the Race Car Matching Game. Then he followed that up with a worksheet.

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