Thursday, June 6, 2013

City Life to Country Life

Today makes it official that we are now longer living the city life any more. We are moving into our new 4 bedroom house with 3.5 acres. This doesn't seem like a lot land, but with living in the city all your life, it's a lot for a child.

We currently have 5 pecan trees, 3 apple trees, and a old garden around the home. There's also 2 bulls on one of the acres, but those will be moved in a few days. My son on the other hand has grown to like the bulls because they like to be fed, but I did my research, it really isn't safe for children. If they make a fast move, they may charge you. So, I can have that happen to my children.

Bull Lapbook, Coming Soon!!!
Pecan Tree Lapbook, Coming Soon!!!
Click here to learn how Apple trees grow!

We will start with chicks however replace them with chickens, raise them, and use them for eggs. We've thought about getting a chicken incubator for some of the eggs. This way we can increase the amount of chickens and the kids learn a lot more about chickens.

Click here to get the Chicken Lapbook!

We also plan on having a huge garden. We worked together to come up with a list of things we want to have. I think by the time we're done with all of this, we will pretty much learned enough about a mini farm. We then will increase the amount of land we have and grow our farm to horses. I don't think I will ever get to the point of raising cows, but my husband would like to. That will be interesting to see and if you would like to see full details of what we'll have on our mini farm then hop on over to O'Marrah Family Farm.

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