Monday, June 10, 2013

Hunting For Snails

We were on the hunt for snails today. It started off with their free time in the yard, but quickly turned into an adventure. One of my boys found a snail and asked if he could look for more. Of course, I said yes, and they all were jumping for joy. 

My daughter on the other hand was on the prowl for worms instead. It was long before she joined the boys in for the hunting of snails. She didn't get as dirty as the boys because she let them dig, pick up things, or move things to find the snails. She was just there to pick her snails up.

I think they found there spot for snails because they were finding a bunch. I had to find something for them to put their snails into. I first thought a cut off water bottle would be good but with 4 of my children and their 2 cousins, it quickly filled up.

See how this filled up fast. I didn't think they would find that many, but I learned faster than they did. They had so much fun and learned a lot about the amazing things that could be found in their backyard.

This was another container that was used to collect snails. This too, filled up fast . However, disappointed that the bowl was used, and it went in the trash, LOL

This was the first bottle we used to collect the snails. They were climbing up the bottle. We knew this wasn't enough space for them.

We found a bigger container for them be in and it was better because it was bigger. It also helped because there was enough room for more when they found more. I think they were either tired or done with their hunt at this point because they didn't bring anymore after I moved the snails in this container.

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