Monday, June 17, 2013

Homeschooling While Moving

After a long thought of not doing actual homeschooling while moving caused some problems. Well let's just say shacking up with a family against homeschooling wasn't the best idea. There were so many comments about us homeschooling, as well as some jokes. The most common joke we heard was..."I ride the short bus to homeschool. My favorite color is dark clear."

Honestly, I didn't find this funny at all because it's like saying my children are dumb. It took everything I had in me to bite my tongue and lift it up to God. I really, only had a problem with my oldest son wanting to go back to public school because they made it sound like a big social event more than getting an education.

Within our first week, there was conversations about bisexuals. The second week was Facebook drama with a teacher involved. The third week was about he said she said stuff. I never saw any homework being done. The only thing that was a priority was sport games running the house. I watched everyone rushing home from work and rushing out the door for a sport event. I never thought in my wildest dream of our family putting sports in front of education.

I mean, really, think about it, how many washed up sports players do we have without an education. That's why their washed up because they never pursued an education before or while they played that sport. Yet, when they reached the age limit, they are left with no sense of direction or left with no degree to live the rest of their lives.

I can't really judge anyone here, but when someone automatically sets their mind to not liking the idea of homeshooling and so calls cracks jokes about it, says they can only handle their kids in small doses, then I have to lift it up and move around that type of environment. I know my kids are smart, well behaved, will succeed in life, and have never failed any grade including Kindergarten while in public school or homeschool. Really, I don't get this whole thing about talking bad about parents and children that homeschool. I mean seriously, homeschool Mom's, "Do we do this to public school families?" To me that's the cause of the bullying in the school system today.

I'm so thankful that my children are well rounded individuals, well mannered, and respectful to adults within and outside of our home. Now, my children did attend public and not all children who do attend are bad, it's all about how they are raised at home, but in this situation above comes from both sides. Majority of a person life is at home, so that's where morals are learned. If those aren't good, nor are priorities set right then your headed for disaster.

I think it's safe to say that it was a great learning experience for both of us. We learned about bullies, being in an environment where homeschoolers aren't welcomed and being able to rise above it. We walked away as a stronger and better person.

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