Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Homemade Hush Puppies

We are totally loving these recipes on the back and sides of the boxes and bags of food we currently buy. We utilized another recipe from the Fish-Fri box below. This recipe was for Hush Puppies, yum....

As you can tell, my daughter joined me in making these Hush Puppies. She had so much fun making them with me. Can you tell by the smile on her face in the picture below?

We rolled them into a small ball or at least we tried to, but as you can tell in the picture that wasn't the case. However, they still turned out yummy. My daughter and I both enjoyed making them and I think she's following in my footsteps of baking and cooking.

As you can see they quickly fried well for the most part. I think that's why it said to make them into small balls because it will fall apart. However, that's why we learn from our mistakes. Then the boys came in and devoured them all before I snap a picture. Maybe the next time, but when my boys smell food they come running, LOL

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