Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Bowling-Summer Fun

As many of already know there's many activities to do with your kiddos in the summer, but can be lot if you have the amount of children that I have. (5) So, I'm always looking for a deal where ever I can but saving in other areas allows us to do the bigger things. Well, let's talk about bowling for now, but we'll get into those other activities later in the summer.

There's a program for kiddos in the summer called, "Kids Bowl Free." However, you must sign up in advance to to get these free tickets. The best thing is that it's not just weekly as I thought it was, it's sent by email weekly. In that email you'll get 7 free printable tickets for each child you register.

However, you will only get two games free,but still worth it. You'll have to pay for your shoe rental, but if you have your own shoes it will be totally free. If you find a pair of shoes cheap or a reasonable price, it would be a good investment if your planning on using your Kids Bowl Free Tickets a lot.

If you would like to bowl with your kiddos to make it a family night activity, you can do that as well. Kids Bowl Free offers a family pass for adults in the family up to four. This will include 2 free games per day all summer long for $34.95.

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