Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning with Autism

Multiplication (Photo credit: Chapendra)
A child with Autism learns visually. If you can demonstrate learning through hands on learning then you would be on your way to helping your child. There are many options available and can give you the same results. We have found Math to be challenging until we discovered  Math Notebooking. This was one of our first struggles when we first started homeschooling. We were determined to find a better way to do Math. We tried doing blocks to make it fun for our son, but he just started building instead. Then we tried using his toy cars to show him how many he had and tried show him how to divide them up, but quickly turned into racing them. We continued to try many other options, but found nothing. We continued our search until we found Math Notebooking and this was a hit! The first one we tried was the Multiplication page. This was a win for everyone and we have said our good-bye to textbooks. This just proves that textbooks aren't for everyone and especially Autism children. We have decided to share our notebook pages to everyone click here!
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