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Homeschool Methods

homeschooling afternoon
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Homeschool Methods

Traditional Homeschooling

This method is a mirror image of public school, but the only difference is the learning is being done at home. This means using textbooks, but doesn’t mean you have to use the same textbooks used in your district. You may select any textbooks, as long as it’s grade level appropriate. Also, if your child is learning at a slower rate you may adjust a few lessons to help your child learn at his own pace. http://www.hsunlimited.com/resources/homeschool-methods/traditional.php

Unit Studies

This method is used to homeschool multiple grade levels. This allows you teach all of your children about one topic. However, you will still need to adjust it their grade level of course. This will allow you pick topic and pull it all together to cover all subjects. Many children like this idea because it’s usually hands on learning. http://www.unitstudy.com/

This method is using living books, spending time outside, copywork, notebooking, and nature studies. http://simplycharlottemason.com/basics/started/charlotte-mason-method/

Classical Education Method

This is a 3 step process, Grammar Stage, Logic Stage, and Rhetoric Stage. The first stage focuses on spelling, grammar, rules, reading and math. This basically is the basics for education. The second stage is the beginning of analyzing, researching, and finding bits and pieces of the puzzle. They would basically learn to put these pieces together to form a complete understanding of their topic. The final stage allows the children to have a clear understaning of the basics and learn to write and speak out loud to express themselves. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/classical-education/

Eclectic HomeschoolMethod

This method uses the various homeschooling methods to form their own style for homeschooling. This means that you create your curriculum to meet your children’s learning styles. Many times this is usually comes when you have tried all other methods and turn to online learning programs. http://www.time4learning.com/homeschool/eclectic-homeschooling.shtml

Montessori Homeschooling

This method is having a classroom, complete curriculum, and usually starts teaching at the age of 2.  I won’t go into full detail because there are many good reasons to choose this method. http://www.montessori.edu/homeschooling.html

This method is a non-scheduled curriculum, meets individual family needs, and teaching your child to be a self-learner.  This doesn’t mean ignoring them, sit and listen to them. You may choose your own methods for curriculum, such as textbooks, workbooks, or not using this and go a total different direction. Unschooling is just about 90% child and 10% parent because it’s about the child’s learning style and may take a different approach outside of the box type of approach. http://ulfaq.home.comcast.net/~ulfaq/ULfaq.html

Waldorf Education Method

This method is about the child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, and learning usually begins at the age of three. http://www.context.org/iclib/ic06/osthemer/

This has become known to the community as teens are taking their classes online to either avoid social conflicts or because they are pregnant. However, in the homeschool community this is educational programs like Time 4 Learning. It also may be for a single course for a child who needs a little extra help an area such as reading. So they make use Click N Read to provide that help. http://www.k12.com/

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