Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Plan for a Full Year

Often time I wonder how can I plan for a full academic year when there's so much available. Well, I've made a list of topics, organized them by grade level, and gathered the kiddies. We all discussed the topics and we picked the ones that were interesting. The ones that weren't interesting we will do a speedy lapbook and then come back to those topics as they progress to middle school or high school. 

Once I had an idea of the topics, I then researched the books we would need for each topic. The first step is to see if they're available at the local library, then check Barnes and Nobles. The most popular topic was learning about the States. So, this isn't very hard to do because have notebooking for this as well as lapbooking for more learning.

You should already have a list of topics by grade level, but if not you may get that list here. This will give you an idea as to how to form step ladder learning. Also it will give you an idea on how to combine topics together into a Unit Studies. I personally recommend Unit Studies because they allow the children to work as a group.

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