Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Reading Programs

Many of look for summer reading programs or just a way for our children to want to read during the summer. Well, your in luck because there are many programs available. The best news is that it doesn't cost you a dime, unless your child wants a book that may not be available at the library.

With Zoobooks you get FREE SHIPPING + Get a FREE poster and FREE animal stickers with your Zoobooks magazine! Who doesn't like free stuff? All of us! This not only gets your child to read, but learning as well. Now this offer is only valid for the month of June. So, sign up before the freebies are gone.

Barnes and Nobles has a reading program as well. This program requires your child to read any eight books and earn a free book. They will need to write about their favorite part of the book in a journal provided by Barnes and Nobles. Once completed they simply turn it into the store nearest to them and collect one free book from the list on their journal sheet. Free Shipping on elgible orders over $25 - Shop today at!

I also recommend checking with your local library as well for summer reading programs. Often times they will have a some type of program. Even if it's story time sessions where a book may be read to them it still encourages reading. I know for my local library, they will have drawings for free back to school backpacks, earn free books, gift certificates for the local water park, and many more opportunities to motivate children to read throughout the summer.
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