Monday, June 11, 2012

Is Homeschool Social or Unsocial?

Many think homeschool is unsocialized, but really where did this idea come from? Well, for many years homeschool has been anything but unsocialized and brought many well-known individuals. Many are talked about in textbooks today. Just to name a couple like Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln. These two individuals have followed their dreams above and beyond. However, there are many who have taken the practical education and still have become successful individuals. The difference is how well they were educated and how much they struggle in life because they missed out on a great education or if they are successful in the area they wanted or settled.

Socialization is in many variations, yet considered to be unsocialized. Many are quick to judge homeschoolers and in general. However, there are many groups, parks, family, friends, pen pals, and online social networks for the parents to communication and stay up to date.  The first is family and friends because we choose to homeschool our children, but not completely remove them from society. We still interact with our local community and many other activities that children in public school attend. The only difference is how our children receive their education.

There are many forms of education. There are three common forms of education, public, private, and distant learning. Homeschool falls into the private education. So, why has homeschool been ridiculed? That answer is simple, people are afraid of the unknown and attended public school. So, they continue the cycle for their children.

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