Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make Lapbooking Fun

Children often times, do not like writing. So, lapbooking is a great way to get your child to write and be creative. This can be for just about every topic, for all subjects, and anything you can think of. All you have to do is get a craft knife to make cutting easier and fun. I know for my children at first did not like the cutting because there was so much to cut. Once I purchased the craft knife, they were eager to cut. I have to order more because I only bought one to see if they would like. At that time I was only homeschooling two of my five children. This year I will buy more because we will be homeschooling all five of our children.

Then once the cutting is done, let your child create the layout for the lapbook. Often times I see lapbooks with instructions on how the lapbook should be put together. This may be okay for the older children, but for the younger children let them be creative. They tend to have a huge imagination until about the age of ten so, let them release their creativity. Lapbooking is a great way for younger children, but can be used for middle and high school. You will be glad you did later because they show off what they created to family and friends.

The main point here is, they will still answer the main idea of the topic on hand. Just don’t overwhelm them in one day or in one week. As lapbooks covers all subjects, but don’t need to be completed in one week, they may feel rushed. I recommend learning about 2-3 sub-topics a day, and taking breaks so they aren’t just sitting in one area. When you come back from your break moved to a new area. Change it up a bit.

In out schooling, we do unit studies, lapbooking, and Notebooking 2 weeks each. This way they have a break, recognize a pattern, and they won’t get tired of these three. We also have many other things we do as well, but I cover that in another article, “Our Typical Day of Homeschooling.”  Homeschooling is truly an education for your child and not about where he or she placed on the state standardized test. Homeschool eliminates stress for your child and allows you be with your child. Also allows your child to be excited about learning, leading them to new ideas for topics. Then the next thing you know it, your child is well educated and better prepared for adulthood.
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