Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ocean Unit Study -Day 1

We started our Oceans Unit Study from Amanda Bennett. Click here to view more details I've decided to start off with this because my children love this kind of stuff, ships, boats, ocean life, and animals. This unit study also covers a separate section for older children, such as my high schooler. However, I have to add a little more for my Preschooler to learn with us.

Preschool-Ocean Resources

Learning the letter "O" as in Octopus this week.
Numbers wheel with Goldfish Crackers.
Left and right worksheet.
Ocean Theme Worksheets
Coloring page of an Octopus.
The Octopus Song

First Grade

Phonics-ake, ace, ame, ail
We don't live by a beach, so seashell sounds are out of the question, but YouTube is a great to hear the sounds of the waves. click here
Ocean Math Worksheets
All About Sharks
Shell Sorting
The Continents Song

Second Grade

Ocean Math Worksheets
All About Sharks
Ocean History
Shark Coloring Page

Fifth and Ninth Grades were covered in the Amanda Bennett Unit Study. Click here to view more details They did notebooking pages instead of the Science Journal that was recommended in this unit study. I had them do this so that they can organize the information researched.

Our Reading Materials:

From Reading A-Z

Ships and Boats-level H
Sharks-level M
Sea Turtles-level R

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