Monday, August 20, 2012

Great First Day

I introduced the "Workbox System" to them today, and that's a working progress for them. They had it easy today to break the ice of starting up again. We did some coloring, worksheets, and lot of file folder games for review.

My preschooler did well this time around. Last year I couldn't get him to do anything because all he wanted to do was play. This time he actually sat at the table with us. After finishing his coloring page, he then made a tunnel with some tape. He then left the table to come back with a few cars to put them through his tunnel. Talk about creative, a lot smiles and "cool" from the siblings.

My daughter enjoyed every moment today, she didn't want to stop after everything I had planned for was completed. I pulled out the puzzles, and that was a great way to end the day for her. That took some time before she completed it and was done for the day.

(Please excuse the grey paint, as that's our art table.)

My second grader was having a hard time starting today, but quickly came around when brought the hand made fishing poles. He loves to fish and any opportunity, he will chose that over all else. However, I did take a picture of him using it because I was excited it worked.

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My fifth grader was introduced to "The Notebooking Publisher." He loves it, he said, "No more writing." I think not, but nice try. I'm glad he loves it because I thought he would have a hard time with it, but once again, proved me wrong.

My ninth grader chose Automotive Fundamentals for his elective. Really not my cup of tea, but we'll learn together. However, he doesn't want to be homeschooled, but this is mostly because he wants to be with his friends. So, there were a couple of rough patches today with him, but not to bad.

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  1. Great post! We organize our assignments by the week since life can get hectic with 2 kids under 5 and me being pregnant. I was wondering what you say to your son who does not want to be homeschooled?

  2. Thanks! Congrats on your new addition. I have done the weekly planning, but found that didn't work for me. So we do a lot of notebooking and lapbooking. I have set days where his friends come over or he goes over there. So that he still keeps his relationships with his friends.

    I blog about our daily homeschool learning and most of my free resources that I've found are available in my facebook group "Homeschool Mamma." Direct link