Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Connecticut Study-Maps

As we continue to learn about Connecticut. This week we’re working on our maps for Connecticut. This is challenging for some, but for others it comes natural.

My son is working on adding the highways in Connecticut. He’s also adding the cities and towns along each highway. So, far there’s one that goes through the entire state. He told me it would be easier to start there because it would get easier and easier to add the rest of the highways. I don’t know if this is how his brain works or if he’s taking the easy way out, but at least he has a plan.

My other son is working on the cities or towns that are an Industry, Agriculture, etc. However, this is more challenging than he thought. He’s struggling with the placement because this map is smaller than the Atlas book. Even after giving him the other options for the map, he still wants to continue. This can be good for him to not give up when things get tough.

My younger children took another day to finish up some coloring pages for their Connecticut Study. There’s a lot of detail on the State Bird Notebook Page. I’m happy that they’re taking their time with these pages and it shows in their coloring.

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