Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Daughter is Hooked on Phonics

I’m excited to say that my daughter is Hooked on Phonics. She read her first book today. I know that I not the only one who thinks this, but I can say that my daughter is officially a beginner reader.

She’s been using Hooked on Phonics for a few weeks now. She’s has jumped over some major steps. Since starting she’s opened up to learning more than she did in the public school system. Her teacher told me my daughter wouldn’t talk to her, but she would talk to other children no problem. At first, I thought it was because my daughter thought her teacher was mean, but after a few weeks, it started to concern me.

The teacher and I communicated very over a couple of days. We came up with various methods, but nothing seemed to get my daughter to open up. The other issue was funding on the schools part. They decided they were going to label her as “Selective Mutism.” To learn more about that, click here.

This made it difficult for her to be in public school because they don’t have the funds to tailor her needs. So, we decided to homeschool her. In the beginning it was tough for her because she missed her friends, but after a few weeks of assuring her she would still be able to see her friends on a daily basis, she came around.

She’s now my second child that enjoys learning, but she’s a grade level behind in some areas. This doesn’t change the fact that she’s better off because of the amount of resources available today. I see great future for my daughter. She’s really come a long way in just few months. 

Click here to see the long list of resources.

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