Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dinosaur Fossils with Play-doh

There’s a lot to learn, when it comes to dinosaurs. I didn't want to put it all in one article. So, I decided to write each subtopic separately. This would be easier to find when you need to refer back to.

We made dinosaur fossils with play-doh. Many use a plaster to make these, but we stick with what we had on hand. Although, I think the plaster would have been easier and faster for drying time. Ours took two days before it dried.

We purchased out dinosaurs for $1. However, each package had the same dinosaur. So, we had to buy multiple packages. We probably could have saved a little here.

We then flattened the play-doh. We pressed the dinosaur into the play-doh to make the imprint. After we've used all the colors, we placed them on the shelves to dry.

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