Monday, February 4, 2013

Help Us Find Our Lost Resource

We really need your help because my three younger children really miss the original notebooking pages. These pages included the two pages shown below, but it also included another page with the picture to paste them onto the page below. The cut-outs includes, state bird, state flag, state banner, state license plate, etc. So, you see why this is great for children in preschool to second grades.

We are currently using Debra’s notebooking pages, but can’t a bit much for a first grader. These have a lot of writing involved and my younger ones are unable to write a full page. Well, they can write a page, but it would take weeks to complete one state. They would just get bored after a few weeks of talking about the same state.

We had several copies, but the last copy was used without letting me know we needed to make more copies. So, that was an error on my part because I should have had a copy folder for it to run off more copies. I've tried researching and no luck. Unfortunately, there wasn't a reference link on these page to refer back to, so that’s why were in need of your help.

So, please if you've seen this resource or know the link to regain this, please leave in the comments. Thank you!

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