Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Counting Cars with Flowering Baby

My son enjoyed this activity with Flowering Baby a few weeks ago. We use this concept a few times with counting. He really does a better job counting with actual items instead of a worksheet.

We use this method for adding and subtraction problems as well, but this month, I’m going to use Shamrocks for him to count. I’m so pleased with Flowering Baby. This month we are learning about Farm Animals, Gardens (fruit, vegetables, trees). We’re going to take a field trip to a local farm for him to see live animals. This will be so much for him to be up close with live animals. Of course, he’s been to the local apple orchard for the petting barn, but a farm will be so much better.

Flowering Baby has made it so easy for use to learn about Farm Animals. I was able to find a majority of them from our local library, and the rest from eBay or Amazon. Our book list this month is as follows:

As in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we’re listening to Irish music CD Putumayo Kids: Celtic Dreamland during Art time. This is another recommendation from Flowering Baby. I see a lot of green being used this month. Unfortunately, he may not want to see the color green for a while after this month (LOL).

Listed below are a few St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas that you can do with your child throughout the month. These are the ones that Flowering Baby has provided for us and so great because I don’t have to go digging to find a good fit.

  • Windy Days Activity
  • St. Patrick’s Day Food coloring Activity
  • Straw Painting

I made a free printable for you to use with counting this month for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday. You may print as many as you need. Click here to download your free St. Patrick’s Day printable. 

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