Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progeny Press-Review

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Over the past couple of weeks we've been reviewing the Treasure Island Study Guide from Progeny Press. This was a simple read the book and answer some questions type of style. Most people would think that's boring, but it's not. The study guide consisted of:

  • Vocabulary 
  • Questions
  • Thinking skills
  • Fill in the blank 
  • Bible scripture
We received a downloadable PDF Tresure Island Study Guide. There is the physical copy available from Progeny Press as well for $8.00. The study guide is offered at a reasonable price as well $16.99 (instant download). There are several options available for the study guide. You can get this study guide in different forms:

  • Printed Booklet $18.99
  • CD $16.99
  • Instnt Download $16.99
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My son began with the prereading activities provided in the Treasure Island Study Guide. He moved onto the reading the physical book. After he read a few chapters, he would follow along with the study guide until it was time to read some more until the next portion of the study guide.

The average day he would be reading from the book. On those days where he was working through  the study guide, he would complete that through vocabulary, questions, thinking skills, fill in the blank, and Bible scripture. It was basically the same, but it changed it up a bit as he progress.

Progeny Press Treasure Island Study Guide was nice to work with. It's recommended for middle and high school aged children. However, I would have liked it bette if the chapters were broken down a into smaller segmens, rather than a big chunk. For instance instead of every couple chapters working on the study guide, I would have liked it better with end of the chapter study guide. 

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  1. My kids listened to Treasure Island on audio, and then we had a pirate-themed birthday party. We turned our entire back deck into a pirate ship!

  2. Thank you Susan for reading our blog! That sounds like loads of fun! I bet they had a blast!