Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family History

I've decided its time to do a family tree. So, I began the family in at the the beginning of March. I'm almost done already and thought that was pretty fast for many saying it takes a lot of time. However, I still have a few touch up work to do before it's completed.

I really want to complete the family tree before I share it with my children. This way, if they have questions, which I'm sure they will, I can answer those questions. There's a lot of information when completing a family tree and so far I'm in the year 1551.

I'm also at the the point to where I can begin printing some pictures and documents. The typical binding system wouldn't work unless I paid for the professional binding. Of course, I've found a cheaper way to bind our family tree, not that it's expensive. I just wanted the cheapest way possible without blowing our budget.

I've decided the 3 ring binder is the best way possible. I pretty much use binders for a lot of things. I simply took some fabric and sewed them together to make a cover. I took the binder and laid on the fabric with it open, cut around the binder and added about once inch around. I made two of these for the cover.

Then for the pocket to slide the binder into, I measured out the fabric from where I wanted the pockets to end. As shown in above picture, but you want to double that measurement to fold the fabric over. This binder had pockets at the bottom and I wanted to use some of that space in the future. For what I don't know yet, but it will come to me then, right now I'm thinking a pen slot.

I will be introducing the family tree with my children in May. So, stay tuned to find out the goody details as to where I found all of my resources. I would tell you know, but I don't want you to go and purchase a membership and not get the same results as I did in a short time. I'm going to show you how to complete your family tree for a rock bottom price.

So, for now all you need to get is a 3 ring binder, your choice of fabric, thread, and scissors. Then sew your family tree binder cover. If your a person that doesn't like to sew, I would be willing to make your family tree for $20. This will include the cover, binder, and shipping costs in the United States only. If you want that option contact me below.

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