Friday, April 5, 2013

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

There are a dozen ways to re recycle Easter eggs. I've used our eggs to make a hands on math game. It's really fun to time them to see how fast the kiddies can put them back together with the right answers.

To assemble this Easter egg math game, you will need plastic eggs, permanent marker, and a plastic basket. That's not difficult or costly. Of course I'm using our Easter eggs from my kids baskets from last week. I also had a permanent marker, so it didn't cost me anything to make this game.

Then you would empty out the eggs from the bag to break them up. I would include the kiddies in this step. Many younger children like to this. However, my kiddies didn't get all the prizes out them so it fun all over again to see a prize inside the second time around.

After all the eggs were into two pieces. I began to write math facts on one half and the answer on the other half. I started with ones and went up to 10. I also included multiplication facts 1,2, and 3 for my first and second grader.

After I had the math fact and the answer written on the egg, I put them together. This allowed me to make sure that wrote it on there correctly for the kiddies to see it without it being upside down. It also was fun for my kiddies to break them apart again.

After I finished putting the math facts on them and assembled them, it was time to bring the kiddies back in. They broke them all back up and it was still fun for them. Then they placed them in an old plastic basket.

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