Monday, March 18, 2013

12 Days before Easter-Day 1

As Easter is approaching very fast, we decided to use my dear friend Ana with Ingles360's 12 Days of Easter. However, we're a little behind in getting started because of my surgery from last week. So, we did Day 1 just after lunch and Day 2 just after dinner. Click here to see 12 Days of Easter Day 2.

We all gathered our blankie, snack and cuddled on the sofa together. We began with John 20:1-29 in our Bible. We each took turns reading a verse. After we read Jesus Sentence to be Crucified, we had a short session of Q&A for my little children and had my two older children answer the questions for the little ones.

I had my children tell me who or what the letter stood for by the picture displayed. Of course they already knew, but it still is good to have them tell you. Then they colored the picture. I enjoyed this activity with my children.

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