Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day of Deals

I found a nice deal at the dollar store for 20 different size paint brushes. I couldn't resist this deal at all even if I tried. I new we would eventually need them anyway. So, here's the funny thing about the reason I was able to find that deal.

I had to run to Walmart to pick up some more ink for our printer. As I walk down the aisle to the ink, I noticed this display of craft items, and on this rack was paint for a set of ten for $3.88. I thought to myself, really, this isn't happening to me today. I tried to move on, but then I see some Air Dry Clay for the same price. 

I went to get the ink and the whole time while moving over to the ink section, it was still on my mind. So, I decided to finish the rest of my shopping. I thought to myself that if I stay within my budget there and maybe I could get the paint and clay as a job well done sort of thing.

Well to make a long story short. I saved a little and was able to get the paint and clay. Once, got home the kids were excited to play with the clay, but I have other plans for that. So, I let them paint instead and they were at the table for a while. I really like these little bottles because I didn't have to pull out what we normally use. We normally to set up that requires a lot a paper plates, but these little bottles fit nicely on the table without a big mess or taking up too much space.

We thought it's about time we start sharing our deals with our readers. We are giving away "A Great Classroom Activity!" This is something the whole family can enjoy doing together.

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  1. You have such neat ideas on your blog, I wish I were half as creative. Thanks for sharing so many fun things! :)