Monday, March 18, 2013

Designing Clothes by Kids

A few weeks ago my son asked my to make him a tie. Of course I did, but I wondered how long he would wear it. Well, he's been wearing it just about everyday. I like this new phase he's in because what Mom doesn't like their kids all dressed up in their Sunday's best.

His newest request was a vest. I made it of course, but it was my first. I'm actually surprise that it turned out pretty well. I thought for sure it would take me a two days or more to make. It only took me about three hours to make. It would have been shorter, but I placed the buttons on wrong and had to redo them. 

I took my son to Walmart pick out his material for the vest. He picked out a black and white pattern and black velvet material. Pretty good for a seven year old. I thought it was a good choice on his part. 

I gave him the option of Velcro or buttons to put on the vest. He decided on buttons, but the wall of buttons were ridiculous. This way too much for him to choose the right ones and still make it for his style. So, I pulled a few for him to pick from. He went with the trains, air plains, and cars. 

After making this vest he then asked me if I can make him a shirt to go with it. Seriously, I think he thinks he has a personal designer now. (LOL) This I know would be a challenge, but I'm starting to think I should have gotten him a suit instead. I don't think that's what he wanted. I think he just wanted his me to make it for him. I'm thrilled that he has thrown these challenge at me because without these request he wouldn't have learned how to tie his own tie at the age of seven. I mean really how many children that age knows how to tie their own tie. 

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