Monday, March 18, 2013

Essentials in Writing-Review

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A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to review Essentials in Writing. We received the 6th Grade Curriculum lesson-by-lesson DVD and CD-ROM for printing the worksheets, assignments, and answer keys. There's also a Essentials in Writing Workbook available for those that prefer not to print the material. That's a lot for $40, but if you would like to purchase the workbook, it will be an additional cost of $20.

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Essentials in Writing is a great program that will teach your child the basic grammar skills and then some. However, I wanted to use Essentials in Writing for my oldest son because middle school was as if he hadn't been there. So, I had to start from the beginning of 6th grade for him this year. I also learned a lot through Essentials in Writing because this is how my son learns, through video. I've seen some really great accomplishments of not struggling as much with writing. 

I would watch the lessons for the week on the weekend before the week would start. I then would print off the two of each worksheet, assignment, etc. I had one for my son and one for myself. Sure, there's an answer key, but what good would that be if I couldn't explain it to him when a question arose. I'm not a licensed teacher, but a Mom with a lot of love. 

He would start with watching the daily lesson with the Essentials in Writing DVD. After he watched the lesson, we would gather for a Q&A session. He would then proceed to the daily task of a worksheet, assignment, etc. Essentials in Writing is a great independent study, but if grammar isn't a strong trait, I strongly recommend following along so that you prepare yourself for questions from your child.

My son and I both enjoyed using Essentials in Writing. It allowed him to work independently and helped him learn what he had missed in middle school. However, this is recommended for 6th grade, but once he completes this program, we're moving to 7th and then 8th. I think it's a great program for any child in 6th grade, but if you have a child behind it will be great for them to get ahead as well. 

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