Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lunch & Play

We went to lunch at a local Burger King with a play area. We had lunch and my children played for a little while I did some researching to prepare for next week. It worked out well for everyone. They were able to get out of the house and I was able to still get my planning done.

I didn't notice my son was still wearing the tank top until he took his coat off at the restaurant. I asked him if that was his winter wear. He told me it was his cool look because he wants to show people he has muscles. I about died laughing. He's just so darn cute and is known as our comedian in the family.

As you can tell he's in both pictures. This doesn't surprise me one bit because often times, when I go through my pictures I noticed that he's in majority of them. Hey, at least not camera shy, LOL.

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