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A Journey Through Learning-Review

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We had the opportunity to review a couple of lapbooks and a unit study from "A Journey Through Learning." We received 3 lapbooks with, 1 unit study and included study guides. We were only required to work on 1 and review the others, but they were all great great topics. The topics were as follows:

The Earth Lapbook was completed by my daughter (6 years old). The Knights and Castles was completed by my son (7 years old). The Letters, Numbers, and Shapes was completed by my son (5 year old). The Astronomy and Space was completed by my son (10 years old). So, you see these were great topics and a wonderful fit for my children.

My youngest enjoyed the Letters, Numbers, and Shapes Lapbook. It was a great review for him because he has mastered these skills. We reviewed our lapbook right after lunch each day. He would always begin with the fire truck because he loves fire trucks. Then we would review one letter, number, and shape.

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The Letters, Numbers, and Shapes has 3 separate lapbooks and is suggested for ages 3-5. So, I would recommend assembling them all at once. My son and I worked together with the assembly of his lapbook. There were some pieces that were more difficult for him, but I was there to cut those difficult pieces for him. I liked the idea of the tips in the upper corner of each page, showing up where to place each piece is his lapbook. This is a great visual for younger children.

My daughter worked on her Earth Lapbook first thing in the morning. We would read the study guide that was supplied in the lapbook and discuss the facts together. This also had a visual for her to place the templates in her Earth Lapbook. I on the other hand let her pretty much place those herself. 

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The Earth Lapbook is suggested for grades 1-4, but my handle this pretty well. The only difficulty she had was the vocabulary. She still enjoyed learning about Earth through this lapbook.


Now, my 7 year old was the one I was more worried about because he's a child with ADHD. The Knights and Castles was a great fit for him because he's into the whole Knights and Castles. The vocabulary was a challenge for him as well, but that's because the difficulty is set from grades 2-7.

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That didn't stop him from completing the Knights and Castle lapbook. This was the same set up as his sister, but I would work with my daughter one on one until it was time for her to paste her templates. Then I would help my son with reading the study guide and our discussion before he pasted his template. 

The Astronomy and Space was a unit study is for grades 2-7 and was a great fit for my son. Although, he's 10 years old, I still went ahead and had a similar set up as my 6 and 7 year old's. We would read the study guide together and discuss the facts provided. Then we would complete each page consisted of questions, drawing, or small projects.

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My son would be the last one to work on his Astronomy and Space unit study. This isn't because it wasn't a good fit for him, but because he's usually not wanting to do much after lunch. A Journey Through Learning has helped him get over this issue because he was excited to start working on his unit study without any problems.

This is one of the project he had done with the Astronomy and Space unit study. He had used black construction paper for the background. The pictures were printed from the unit study. It recommended a shoe box for this project, but I didn't have one. So, we use the next best thing, but it turned out to be bigger that I anticipated.

We really enjoyed using these lapbooks and unit study from A Journey Through Learning. We were able to complete all four of these lapbooks and unit study in 3-4 weeks. All that you need to do to complete these in the same time would be to complete one section a day for 5 days a week. So, that's one study guide, with the choice of you placing the templates or having your child placing them in the lapbooks. However, I recommend having your child placing them. Then your child would fill in the templates from the study guide.

A Journey Through Learning has these wonderful topics in a instant download, CD, assembled, or printed versions at a very nice price ranging from $13.00 to $29.00. It depends on what is best for your family. I've listed the individual prices for the lapbooks and unit study that we enjoyed using below.


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