Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homeschool in the Woods-Review

We had the opportunity to review Hands-On History Activity Pak-Composers from Homeschool in the Woods. We enjoyed this composers lapbook. It was a great way to wrap up our composers studies. It also would have been great to have at the beginning of our study because there were so many great projects and activities.

The Hands-On History Activity Pak-Composers included over 35 projects and activities, over 90 minutes of MP3 files to listen to and 42 composers, such as Mozart, Gershwin, Beethoven, etc. Homeschool in the Woods recommends this to be used for Grades 3-8. There are two options available, CD $19.95 or download $18.95.

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My son is in 5th grade, so the Hands-On History Activity Pak-Composers was a great fit for him. He really enjoyed learning about the composers through this lapbook because Homeschool in the Woods made this a fun learning experience for him to be engaged in the topic. The only thing he didn't like about it was the assembly of the lapbook, but that's only because he didn't the cutting.

After all the the pieces were cut, glued, and laminated, he was good to go. We took a trip to the local library to get the list of recommended books, audio, and video. However, not all were available, but were at other branches. So, it took some time to get them all, but we did have to purchase a few. Even with the set back of not having all these supplies on hand right away, it still worked out well.

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Most days it was reading before he began digging into the lapbook. Once he was able to start writing or using the lapbook it all started to come together for him. That's when he began to enjoy learning, and video gave him a visual. The audio was nice for him to recognize the composers music.

One of my favorites from this lapbook was the seating chart. It helped my son understand the progression of the orchestra growth over the years. It really was a fun learning experience for a dry topic. 


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