Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting a Garden

We decided that it's about time to start a garden, but it's still a little cold here. So, we've started indoors and hope to move out vegetables to the yard next month or so. We'll see how this goes because I have no clue about gardening.

Some of the packages have a different price than what we paid for in the store. For instance, the tomatoes show $1.99, but we paid $1. We purchased everything here today from Dollar Tree. Our total cost was $9.74 for everything, including the soil. I'm always happy when I leave Dollar Tree.

In about three weeks we will start to see some of them to grow, but we'll see. It should start warming up here soon and maybe by then we can move them outside. It will be exciting to see how this goes and fun for my kids to have a garden.

I didn't think to about researching the idea of growing these inside before buying them. It wasn't that much to buy and the kiddies still had fun. However, I did check after planting the seeds, and it's possible.

Now, all I need to do is have a log sheet for them to record the growth progress. While I was researching indoor gardens, I found a great log for them to use. I was able to find one, click here to see. However, I'm still looking for a better one. Please feel free to comment if you want to share yours if you have created.

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