Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Decision To Homeschool

This is my first year homeschooling! I really enjoy the extra time with my kids. Homeschool is definitely the best way for my children to learn

I’m currently homeschooling 2 of my 5 children, grades first and fourth. My two children were in the public school system until we recently had to downsize and the school district I had to put my children in was not skilled in handling a child with Autism or ADHD children. 

My 4th grader coming from a self-contained classroom to a new school district with these services not being offered. I went back and forth with the school board to get what he needed. So, I decided homeschool was the best option. My 1st grader was fine in his previous school, but when they decided to close his school because lacks of funds to keep it open. We too put him into a new district that was quick to say because of his ADHD, he had to be put onto an Individual Education Plan. This may a good option for a child who needs to be on, but his learning wasn't being affected by his ADHD. They wanted to protect him in the future for when he may have acted out. I felt it was unnecessary, but they thought otherwise. They argued to much with this to the point that my son started to wet his pants at school and then said that they thought there was something happening at home. So, I started homeschooling him too.

It got to the point that I had to set up a meeting with the directors to resolve these issues. However, it wasn't resolved because they denied all allegations and pretended like they didn't say any of it. I called them out on it and they said let just start over. I stood up and told them to think about what they just said and then said that they will not teach my children and they will have a formal letter on their desks in the morning. I did just that and then I had an officer at my door at 1pm the following day. Then I had a phone call from child services they following day. The allegations were that my kids went to school dirty, smelling, and they said my kids play with worms. I totally laughed on the phone with the worker because I told him that my kids have been at this school 2 months before I pulled them out to homeschool them. Don’t you think they would have called a lot sooner if these allegations were true? He actually agreed with what I said, but as for the worms, I don’t called fishing playing with worms, but if fishing is inappropriate for kids then stop selling fishing poles for kids. Just kidding!!!
This school district just thought because I downsized that I’m stupid, but they learned real quick that I’m not and I’m learning more about my abilities that I never knew before. I want to share this feeling with those who think that homeschool is hard and for those who say they teaching multiple grades are tough. I have no teaching experience and never in my wildest dreams would think I would be homeschooling. I really enjoy teaching, but I would never teach in a school setting because I feel that public school is a joke now a days. Some teachers these days are there for the money and can careless of what the outcomes are for the children of our future. In my opinion, the passion is gone, children are slipping, and not held accountable for their actions. The parents rely on the teacher way too much and put all the blame on the teacher and on the flip side. Pointing fingers only hurts the children, gets the adults to no man’s land, and the children know they are on their own to learn.

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