Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adopting a Cat

We adopted an 11 year old cat from Pet-smart. His name is Locke and very friendly and great with kids. He was found on the streets a month ago by a woman. She took him in, but he wasn't very good with other cats. So, he was brought to local shelter and then to Pet-smart.

After we completed the paperwork to adopt him, we were set to bring him home. Locke didn't like being in the take home box. Within two minutes of being in the box, he had already ripped a hole in the box. (above picture)

The second picture is hole number two. I was really getting scared because he's not declawed and is really scared being in that box. I didn't think we would make it home in time before he would escape this box.

We're now within 5 minutes of leaving the store, he has ripped a 3rd hole. I'm more scared than the kids were and everyone is laughing at this point. I'm laughing now, but I was so scared that he would go really crazy in the car from being so scared.

With the 3rd hole, Locke was able to get his head through the hole. At this point, we still had another 6 minutes until we are home. Really, after what I saw in the first 6 minutes, there's no way he was going to stay in that box.

As you can tell that he didn't make it. There's no way I was going to hold him after this point. My husband held him while he drove home. 

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