Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Drive to West Virginia

We drove a very long 12 hour road trip to Bluefield, West Virginia. This trip is normally 10 hours, but we made a few stops along the way to stretch out. This was challenging because we've never taken a trip this far from home, but definitely worth it.

We did some schooling or so they call it road schooling. For those of you that have been following our homeschool journey, a few months ago we went to Chicago. For those just following us, click here to read about our trip to Chicago. Well, I made a tally sheet for the amount of trucks, cars, train, etc.

So, our first assignment was with tallies, categorizing vehicles, street signs, list of cities and towns, etc. I've brought along our smaller whiteboard to help with spelling because some of them aren't able to write that fast as we past the names of the cities and towns. They completed this with some music on the radio.

We stopped at for Hinsdale, Illinois oasis for the KFC Family dinner. However, because of the long drive, we ate in the van. KFC provided us with plates, spoons, forks, and napkins. This helped us keep going and still have a decent meal for dinner. All while watching Tooth Fairy 2 and eating our dinner.

We then made a few stops, but by then they had stopped writing the cities down. We all just enjoyed the ride on the highway. We saw many things such as the floods from what the storm had caused. I think we were driving through the storm because it pretty much rained all the way down, but still loads of fun.

Often times when we take a family vacation, we all have stories. I think my first awful one so far was when it was sleepy time and we all took off our shoes. I can say that having four boys in a small area with shoes off is deadly. (LOL)

Next up was reading a couple of books. I read a couple and they each read a couple with the exception of the distractions from seeing the semi trucks. We still manage to get about 10 books read.

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