Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reading Organizer

My son use to use this type of graphic organizer when reading in public school. I thought it would have been nice to continue using it for him throughout his reading. It wasn’t a struggle to continue this and because he had already use it before. I thought I would share this because I’ve been asked about how I get my children to read. 

I also use several other programs to encourage my children to read. I created an incentive program to teach them to earn money through reading to buy things they want to buy. I also use the Book It Program. This gives them pizza coupons for Pizza Hut. We also use the Read to Succeed Program with Great America. This gives them a chance to earn free admission tickets to the nearest theme park. 

So, you see there are many options, but you’ll need to find what works for your children. This is a nice start to help you motivate your child to read. There are short and long term goals, as well as teaching your children about how important it is to read.

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